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Data Processing Services

We provide timely and accurate offshore data processing services as an assortment of data collection and entry, computer or electronic data processing, data conversion – classification and validation, analytics and presentation of that data in a visual, tabular or textual format, for your company to glean business insights


Data Entry

Since 2012, we have been providing wide array of data entry services – online as well as offline. Whether you have few records or a million records to enter or capture, we provide you an excellent support and best in class service.


Data Conversion

We have the capabilities to convert large volume of unorganized or unstructured data into more suitable, easy-to-access digital format. We can handle all data content files – scanned images, PDF documents, eBooks, microfilm, HTML, XML, etc.


Forms Processing

Shanttech provides an end-to-end solution for form processing, which is aimed towards enhancing the efficiency of clients' operations.


Data Formatting and Cleansing

We have dedicated specialists for data formatting and cleansing to improve your data quality. We also provide De-duplication, address validation, standardization and enrichment services.


Mailing List Compilation

Shanttech expert data entry and mining staff compiles the mailing lists from various sources and carries out various tasks.


Data Verification and Extraction

The data verification is a process in which the gathered data is verified for authenticity and quality check. We can adapt to any quality check parameters like 100% quality checks or Random sampling or periodic QA audits. During the process of verification, Extraction can also be performed. The additional information gathered during verification can be used as extracted data. We can perform data extraction as a separate activity.

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