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Web Research Services

We provide web research or web scrapping solutions to help clients with prevalent market trends for driving revenue and cutting costs. In tune to organize and execute intricate primary research to digging into a vast array of information, may it be online or offline, we provide facts like e-mail ids, contact information, designation/position information, with a wide variety of images and document files, company website/URLs, etc.

To optimize benefits of offshore outsourcing research – you will need time, expertise and an eye for detail. You can outsource this to skilled and trained research professionals!

We have a dedicated team of trained web researchers who can quickly return the information to the client as they know exactly where to look for the required information.

Market Research

Shanttech is one of the leading market research firms across the globe offering highly lucrative and success-driven market research solutions to the line-of-businesses. Our expert practitioners with unparalleled research methodologies and diverse data sets help in unfolding user needs, capabilities, associated risks and market limitations helping you to take effective business decisions.

Address Research

Gathering emails and mailing addresses online can be a daunting and time consuming process that can cost you a fortune if you enlist the help of full time employees to handle this tedious task. If you want to gather mailing addresses and emails for marketing your business then you may want to consider outsourcing this task to one of the professional outsource team members at Shantee Technologies.

Product Research

Our customized product research service, we support the client with a successful marketing strategy. We have an exclusive team for product market research to help the clients with the new products and also current products.

Competitor Research

Keeping track of who your competitors are, what people are saying about them, and what they are saying themselves can help you differentiate your business and stay ahead of trends that could impact your business.

Brand, Corporate Image Research

Your brand is a powerful asset, a remarkably significant sales and conversion acceleration tool. Whether you are revitalizing an existing brand or launching a new one, relevant branding aligned with your business goals is much more important today.

Pricing Research

Understanding why and how much customers value our products and services, and recognising any trade-offs they would be willing to make, gives us a wealth of knowledge that can help us construct the most suitable – and profitable – offerings.

Email Research

Collecting the email address is not a simple task it is a huge time-consuming activity. Our team will research on Email id and provide it to you to meet your business goals.

Online Research for Database Creation

Our web research services is proven as a one stop solution for online web research, data mining, data cleansing, data gathering, online data research and database creation.

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