E-Commerce Services

Shanttech is an eCommerce data solution provider design and offer solutions to Merchants, Online retailers, Online market places and Specialty retailers such as fashion and electronics.

We offers a wealth of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises. Combining years of experience in catalog management services we enable you to maintain consistent product catalogs that not only boost sales of your products, but also makes a better shopping experience to your customers.

Our ecommerce catalog management services combines

Catalog Creation

We manage end-to-end catalog creations. This includes classifying products, creating appropriate titles, generating product information and collecting relevant images.

Product Description

Creating attributes and standardizing product information. We create complete information for all product descriptions that are arranged in a user friendly manner.

Product Data Management

Our experts have years of experience in creating and optimizing large number of product catalogs and delivering product data in consistently. We also upload product listings into ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Taxonomy Development

Our experts have worked with all types of product categories and use their capability to gather, analyze, review and apply the product taxonomy. Products can be filtered and the right product is shown according to the customer’s preferences.

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